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Wine club information

All wine club members recieve 20% off all purchases!

Every month wine club members receive two bottles of wine, one red and one white, curated by the owner and are "interesting wines that you cannot find everywhere else". The varietals and flavor combinations will vary from month to month but will always be fantastic!

Wine club members also have the opportunity to come to all wine tastings for free.


2023 Château Moulin de Ferrand Sauvignon Sémillon

France - 13% ABV

(Saw-vig-non Sem-ee-on)

Wine tasting notes-

This wine is always the bridesmaid, and probably the world's least appreciated great grape. Semillon is a white grape that is responsible for Australia's most recognizable white wine, France's greatest dessert wine and is planted pretty much all over the world. It can be rich and fat or lean and bright.

Floral and citrus aromas on the nose. The mouth is balanced with mineral notes, round, and clean with lots of freshness. It has a beautiful aromatic and crisp finish. This wine is a blend of 59% Sauvignon Blanc, 37% Semillon, and 4% Muscadelle. 

Food Pairing-

A younger expression, such as this wine, works best with sushi, fresh vegetables, and lighter chicken dishes. We recommend this scallop and shrimp scampi recipe. And thanks to its high acidity, no matter if it's young or aged, Semillon can cut through rich and heavy sauces with unparalleled grace.

Cheese: Soft goat cheese pairs well with Sauvignon Semillon because its acidity complements the wine's fruity, aromatic qualities. Brie and camembert pair nicely as well, the creamy mushroom earthiness of ripe white-mould cheeses marry wonderfully with this wine.


2021 Stel + Mar Proprietary Red Blend

California- 13.8% ABV

Wine tasting notes-

Perfect for toasting to the everyday wines, enjoying with your closest circle, or just kicking back after a long day. This robust wine greets you with a tapestry of dark fruit aromas, weaving together succulent blackberry and plum with a hint of spice. Using the best grapes from select vineyards in California, this Bordeaux-style red blend is bursting with flavors of plum, blackberry, baking spices, and vanilla. A full-bodied wine that is jammy with velvety tannins. A luscious fusion of flavors, it’s balanced with a touch of oak and a lovely finish that lingers just right.

Food Pairing-

Happy summer! This wine pairs incredibly well with any BBQ sauce-based dish. Whether you are eating ribs, pork chops, or simply dipping your chicken nuggets in some Sweet Baby Ray's, this wine will go great with it all!

White Cheddars, Pecorino Toscano DOP Stagionato, Parmesan, 
Asiago cheese, Gouda and Smoked Gouda. Aged cheddar's bold flavor pairs well with flavorful red wines like this.

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