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Class VI is a warm and casual wine bar located in the center of historic downtown DeKalb.


After serving 24 years in the US ARMY and Illinois ARMY National Guard, owner, and Iraq War veteran Tom Sherman opened Class VI in the town that he and his wife have called home for 25 years and where they raised their 3 daughters. In his world travels Tom gained a healthy appreciation for the flavors and cultures of the world. His goal is to deliver fantastic wines both familiar and unfamiliar varietals to friends and family and now to the community.

Tom noticed a severe lack of diversity and small-batch wines, noting "It'll get the job done but it doesn't have character... there was a lack of variety, of interesting and unique wines in DeKalb, unlike anything you'd find at a grocery store."

After you’ve perused our ever-changing spirit lists and allowed yourself to unwind a bit, feel free to make a friend or two. After all, we’re more than just drinks, we are a community. So what are you waiting for? Drop by!

Red Wine Tasting
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